IB Liebert plans building services for rbb's new Digital Media House

A new Digital Media House is being built on the rbb site in Berlin, with the aim of intensifying cooperation between radio, online and television at rbb and meeting the needs and requirements of the modern media world.

In cooperation with Baumschlager Eberle Architekten, Berlin, who are responsible for the design, and WITTE Projektmanagement GmbH as the project manager, IB Liebert is taking over the planning of the entire technical infrastructure.

IB Liebert is responsible for the planning of the complete technical building equipment. The new media building between Masurenallee and Kaiserdamm is to be realised by 2025.

Visualisation: rbb|Perspektive Platz © Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

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Opening of our new branch in Hamburg

On July 1st, 2020 we opened our new branch in Hamburg.

Ingenieurbüro Liebert

Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Niederlassung Hamburg

Große Elbstraße 61/63

22767 Hamburg



Beyond Crisis

Building technology responses to workplace design in office buildings in pandemic situations

According to current knowledge, the corona virus spreads through droplet infections that are excreted by people through coughing, sneezing, etc. The lowest risk of infection outdoors is in the fresh air in nature.

The consequence of this is to provide the most natural possible indoor climate at the workplace in order to limit potential virus transmission. This contrasts with the current development of planning office buildings via open space with shared desks and with an ever increasing concentration of workplaces.

The requirement to guarantee a controlled climate in the individual workplace environment is therefore an important challenge for building planning, which must provide adequate solutions and can do so.

Controlled climate control cannot be implemented with pure window ventilation, as this leads to drafts, particularly in open-plan offices or combination offices, and thus more widespread droplet excretion. In addition, exclusive window ventilation means that the humidity in winter cannot be kept at the health-recommended values.

It is not only the room temperature and draft-free fresh air that are decisive in order to avoid spreading the viruses in the room, special attention must be paid to the humidification of the room. Unfortunately, in many planning projects, air humidification has been dispensed with for energy reasons. In winter, this leads to very low room humidity levels, sometimes below 15% rel. Moisture, with which the mucous membranes in the nose, eyes and throat dry out and the risk of infection increases exponentially according to medical examinations. As a balanced humidity, the medical team values ​​between 40 - 55% rel. Moisture recommended.

At the same time, the occupancy density and the flexibility of the workplaces is an important factor in order to comply with the hygienic clearance rules in the future, which will surely keep us busy in the coming years. DIN EN15251 recommends 10 m² of office space per workplace, with which the distance rules can also be adhered to safely.

In the future, we will therefore have to say goodbye to heavily compressed workplaces and window ventilation, as well as cooling and heating via air circulation units.

As a planning office for innovative building technology, we always recommend providing a hygienically perfect ventilation system as basic equipment. This is designed for 100% outside air operation for the minimum hygienic, controlled and draft-free, approx. 2.5 times outside air change (i.e. the office air is exchanged 2.5 times per hour with fresh outside air).

The outside air is heated, cooled and humidified in winter. This ensures a controlled indoor climate in relation to the air exchange. The supply of air is preferably carried out via draft-free source outlets, which lead to low air velocities in the room and thus enable a high level of climate comfort for the users.

Further cooling and heating is carried out by means of "silent" heating and cooling surfaces with a high radiation and low convection percentage on the ceiling or floor, i.e. not with circulating air devices or convectors that lead to undesired air turbulence.

Modern building technology already provides adequate solutions to create workplace conditions where there is no increased risk of infection. We are happy to advise you with innovative solutions that have already been successfully implemented in many construction projects.

Thomas Liebert, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
chief Executive Officer
Ingenieurbüro Liebert Supplystechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Hüfingen / Berlin / Hamburg
As of May 20, 2020

Corona Information

Dear Sirs and Madames,

In view of the spread of the corona virus (COVID-19), we would like to inform you that IB Liebert has taken extensive measures in recent weeks so that we can continue to work efficiently on your projects under the given circumstances.

To protect our employees from infection and to slow down the spread of the virus, we have decided to stop business trips and meetings for the time being. Personal appointments with our customers as well as at all IB Liebert locations are therefore replaced by telephone or video conferences.

In some cases, IB Liebert employees also work at home office workplaces, but are connected to the office with all media. All of your contact persons can still be reached during business hours via the telephone centers and by email.

We continuously monitor the development and adjust the working conditions accordingly to ensure continuity and security for our customers and our IB Liebert team.

We wish you and your families all the best - above all, stay healthy and get through this time well. With best regards

Thomas Liebert / Patrick Merkt



Our management structure was changed or expanded in July 2019. We are therefore pleased that Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Patrick Merkt with effect from 01.06.2019 next to Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Liebert was appointed managing director. Mr. Patrick Merkt has been involved in the development of our company since 2008 as project manager for major projects and since 2012 as authorized signatory and member of the executive board. He will now continue this with a focus on technical quality assurance and innovation management.

With effect from 01.07.2019 Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Ballmer entrusted with the management of the Berlin branch. Mr. Stefan Ballmer has been working successfully as a project manager since 2010 and since 2015 as authorized signatory and member of the executive board in our company.

The Liebert engineering office is thus excellently positioned and equipped for a successful future.


On 27 May 2019, our office in berlin starts working at the new adress Hohenzollerndamm 183, in the district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Niederlassung Berlin
Hohenzollerndamm 183
10713 Berlin
T +49 30 3199175-0


Tower One in Frankfurt am Main laying of the foundation stone office and hotel tower

On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, the foundation stone was laid for the Tower ONE office and hotel tower in Frankfurt am Main. At the festivities the engineering office Liebert was represented by the project managers responsible for the project, Mr. Patrick Merkt and Mrs. Barbara Schneckenburger.


Our employee Florian Isele has completed his training as a "technical system planner" at IB Liebert with great success. After honors by the IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg and as the best apprentice of Baden-Württemberg, Mr. Isele is even invited to travel to Berlin as the best trainee in the profession "technical system planner". Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will give the ceremonial speech at the ceremony taking place there. The IHK Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg presented the engineering office Liebert with a certificate on 17 October 2018 for its outstanding performance as a training company, and expressed its gratitude for the outstanding training. The Liebert engineering office is constantly training 2 to 3 apprentices in the apprenticeship "technical system planner".



Planning and construction management of the complete supply systems of the trades plumbing, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, sprinkler and I&C/BMS. Illustration: © Behnisch Architekten, Stuttgart


Planning and construction management for the technical supply systems including sanitary, heating, refrigeration. ventilation and elecrical engineering for the extension of the Lucian-Reich school (full-day school).


Planning and construction management of the complete supply systems of the trades plumbing, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, electrical engineering, sprinkler and I&C/BMS.



Planning of all technical supply installations for the systems sanitation, heating, cooling, Ventilation and I&C/BMS. Visualisation: Rick II, 2RB Europacity, Berlin, Heidestraße (© omniCon, Gesellschaft für innovatives Bauen)


Planning and site management of all technical supply installations for the trades/systems sanitation, heating, cooling, ventilation, chilled ceilings, electrical and low-voltage systems, and I&C/BMS . Realisation of a zero-energy building, DGNB Gold certification due to the integration and use of the company’s own “sto” products. Extension of the works central heating plant by installing a CHP block. Visualisation: © Sto SE & Co. KGaA

20 Years Ingenieurbüro Liebert according tot he motto „Follow the Elements”

On 23 April 2016 we have celebrated our company’s 20th birthday with customers, business partners and staff members in the castle Fürstenberg in Donaueschingen. Here we present impressions of the phenomomal laser show, part of a sensational evening program.


Scope of supply
Planning of all technical supply installations for the systems sanitation, heating, cooling, Ventilation and I&C/BMS.

Visualisation: Rieck I, Europacity, Berlin, Hafenstraße (© omniCon, Gesellschaft für innovatives Bauen)



Planning and site management for the entire technical building equipment for the trades/systems sanitation, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, heated/chilled ceilings, I&C/BMS and electrical installations. Cooling is provided entirely by geothermal wells. Air-conditioning for the "Passerelle" is provided by electric power generated by photovoltaic modules, which are simultaneously integrated into the buildings’ façades as shading elements. In this way the energy needed for cooling is completely CO2 neutral. The intelligent, hydraulic pipework used for the heating and chilled ceilings enables highly flexible sub-division of the office spaces per interior grid module at any time, without costly modification of the MEP systems, and so without high investment expenditure; this ensures the longterm, sustainable, highly flexible use of the building. The installation avoids the use of heating radiators entirely; comfort simulations have been used to prove that the well-being of employees is assured in both winter and summer. Visualisations: © Joachim Lezie-Cobert, Paris


01.02.2014 IB Liebert gewinnt Motivationspreis "Meilensteine" in Bronze der Robin-Akademie (Pressemitteilungen). Mit dem Preis zeichnet die auf Organisationsberatung spezialisierte Robin-Akademie aus Dauchingen Unternehmer aus der Region aus, die in vorbildlicher Weise schwierigste Situationen mit extremen Herausforderungen souverän gemeistert haben. Gewürdigt werden dabei die unternehmerischen Leistungen, aber auch werteorientierter Umgang mit Mitarbeitern und Kunden. Die Jury begründet ihre Entscheidung damit: "Thomas Liebert habe sein Unternehmen durch innovative Planungen, Flexibilität, Schnelligkeit und Perfektionismus zu einem der anerkanntesten Ingenieurbüros für regenerative Systemlösungen in Deutschland entwickelt".  Der Motivationspreis Meilenstein geht an mittelständische Unternehmen der Region Schwarzwald-Baar, Bodensee, Kinzigtal und Freiburg. Nominiert wurden sie durch Wirtschaftsförderer oder Bürgermeister. Die vierköpfige Jury mit Franz Kook (ehemaliger Vorstandsvorsitzender Duravit AG), Dirk Fabian (Leiter Akademie WVIB), Lothar Wildmann (Leiter Studiengang Mittelständische Wirtschaft der DHBW) und Hans-Dieter Zöphel (Robin-Akademie) entschied über die drei Gewinner. Vor rund fünf Jahren hat das Unternehmer-Ehepaar Zöphel die Robin-Akademie in VS-Schwenningen gegründet. Nach dem Robin-Hood-Prinzip wollen sie den Unternehmern und Führungskräften in der Region in der sich rasant entwickelnden Wirtschaftswelt Tipps und Informationen für einen guten Weg in die Zukunft geben.


Wir freuen uns über folgende neue Aufträge:


  • Ärzte- und Wohnhochhaus, Düsseldorf-Heerdt
  • Schwarzwald-Baar-Klinikum Villingen-Schwenningen
    Neubau Palliativzentrum 
  • Messe Stuttgart GmbH
    Erweiterung Messegelände 
  • Bayer Healthcare, Grenzach
    Sanierung der Klimaanlagen in der Pharmaproduktion 
  • Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg
    Sanierung Vorstandsgebäude/Hochhaus


IB Liebert vergrößert die Niederlassung in Berlin auf eine Bürofläche von 600 m² IB Liebert fördert das Projekt "Schulfrucht" im Kindergarten St. Theresia in Hüfingen  Neue Projekte


  • Novartis, Basel
    Planung der Versorgungstechnik für Reinraum-Packaging
  • Daimler AG, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim
    Sanierung des Gebäudes 120 auf einer Gesamtfläche von ca. 180.000 m²
  • Klinikum Friedrich-Ebert-Krankenhaus, Neumünster
    Neubau und Sanierung
    Planung und Bauleitung für alle versorgungstechnischen Anlagen auf einer Gesamtfläche von ca. 23.000 m² (2. Bauabschnitt)
  • Heinrich-Bauer-Verlag
    Komplette Bestandsaufnahme TGA sowie Erstellung Sanierungskonzept Bürogebäude München 
  • Schloss Heiligenberg, Heiligenberg
    Planung und Bauleitung für die neue Heizungsanlage und die Sanierung der Elektrotechnik im Schloss mit Hackschnitzelkessel


Neue Projekte


  • Mindener Tageblatt, Minden
    Neubau und Sanierung des Bestandsgebäudes
    Planung und Bauleitung für die versorgungstechnischen Anlagen der Gewerke Sanitär, Sprinkler, Heizung, Lüftung, Kälte, MSR-/GLT-Technik, Starkstrom- und Schwachstromtechnik. 
  • Universitäts-Klinikum Charité, Berlin-Mitte
    Sanierung Hochhaus und Neubau 16 OPs inkl. Intensivstation
    Planung und Bauleitung für die Komplettsanierung des Klinikhochhauses der Charité-Mitte und des Neubaus der 16 OPs inkl. Intensivstation für die Gewerke Sanitärtechnik, Feuerlöschtechnik, medizinische Gase, Heizungs- und Klimatechnik für das Hochhaus, Kältetechnik für den Gesamtcampus Charité mit max. 11 MW Kältetechnik, MSR-/GLT-Technik sowie in Zusammenarbeit mit der Ingenieurgesellschaft Ridder und Meyn mbH, Berlin, für die Klimatechnik der OPs und ITs Neubau sowie komplette Elektrotechnik und Schwachstromtechnik.
  • Mercedes Benz Vertrieb (MBVD) Deutschland
    Neubau Vertriebszentrum mit Hochhaus ín Berlin
    Planung der versorgungstechnischen Anlagen der Gewerke Sanitär, Sprinkler, Heizung, Kälte, Lüftung,MSR-/GLT-Technik, Starkstrom, Schwachstrom und Medientechnik für den Neubau auf einer Fläche von insgesamt 26.000 m² für 1.600 Mitarbeiter.
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
    Neubau Campus für Forschung und Entwicklung, Renningen
    Planung der versorgungstechnischen Anlagen der Gewerke Sanitär, Sprinkler, Heizung, Kälte, Lüftung,MSR-/GLT-Technik für das zentrale Büro- bzw. Verwaltungsgebäude inkl. Labore sowie Hauptkantine und Küche für den Campus.


Das Ingenieurbüro Liebert feiert 2011 das 15-jährige Firmenjubiläum  Mit 90 Gästen aus Wirtschaft, Politik und der Belegschaft feierte IB Liebert am 08. Juli 2011 das 15-jährige Firmenjubiläum im Alten Bahnhof in Hüfingen.

"Rückblicke und Ausblicke" - so dass übergreifende Thema dieses Tages, das der Geschäftsführer Herr Thomas Liebert in seiner Rede umfassend aufgriff, verbunden mit viel Dank an alle, die zum Erfolg und stetigen Wachstum des Ingenieurbüros beigetragen haben. "Ich schaue gerne zurück", bekannte Herr Liebert und ließ in seinen Grußworten auch die Triebfeder seines Engagements unschwer erkennen: Die Schonung unserer Ressourcen. "Unsere Erde hat Fieber", konstatierte er den zum Teil unreflektierten Umgang mit Rohstoffen und die Folgen.



Ingenieurbüro Liebert wird international! Seit Jahren schon war sie angedacht, in Form einzelner Projekte war sie längst schon Realität, jetzt ist sie beschlossene Sache - die Expansion im internationalen Rahmen.  



Expansion in den südost-asiatischen Raum  Gründung der Schwesterngesellschaft "Engineering Solutions" in New Delhi/Indien.



Gründung einer Niederlassung in der Schweiz Als ersten Standort haben wir das schweizerische Neuhausen aufgrund seiner strategisch günstigen Lage im Dreiländereck ausgewählt.

Kontakt: Rundbuckstrasse 6, 8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall/CH



Großer Bahnhof im neuen Domizil / 10-jähriges Firmenjubiläum Zehn Jahre Ingenieurbüro Liebert und der langersehnte Umzug in die neuen Räume schienen uns Grund genug für ein ordentliches Fest. Viele waren geladen - und fast alle konnten kommen.

Die Gästeliste reichte bis nach England. Über 50 Freunde, Geschäftspartner und Kunden haben mit uns gefeiert.