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New maximum-care emergency and surgery centre planned in Göttingen.

In Göttingen, a maximum-care emergency and surgery centre is being built for the University Medical Centre Göttingen (UMG) in construction phase 1.

Among other things, it includes 31 new operating theatres (six of which are for outpatient surgery), a central emergency room, intensive care, imaging diagnostics and sterile processing.

Construction phase 1 of the large-scale project will unite the surgical centre, the cardiac, neurological and emergency centre, with a total of 624 beds, in one building. Furthermore, all clinical functional facilities for the acute care of emergency patients as well as severely or multiply injured patients are to be mapped in an optimal spatial and functional arrangement to each other. In addition to the classic building services, we also plan medical gases and driverless transport systems (AGVs).

Of course, the focus is also on sustainable energy supply in order to keep energy costs low and to sustainably save CO2.

Ingenieurbüro Liebert is responsible for the general planning of the complete technical building equipment of work phases 1 - 5 for construction stage 1 with 51,550 m² NUF.


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