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Custom concepts –
Perfection is what drives us


Our management: Thomas Liebert, Patrick Merkt, Stefan Ballmer

Reconciling ecology, economic aspects and the demands of use. That is what we aim for.
Our philosophy, and therefore our aspiration, is to reconcile ecology, economic aspects and the demands of use when we plan building services – and in doing so, to use the available resources of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air as efficiently and carefully as possible. This is our guiding principle for all of our internal and external processes in consultation, design and planning, and when we manage construction during a project’s execution.

Intelligent, energy-efficient, flexible solutions – perfectly tailored to your specific requirements
Every project has different requirements and is therefore unique. That’s why it’s important to share your understanding of the objectives that you want to achieve with your project, along with the framework conditions that apply. What budget is available for the project and what time frame do you have in mind? Have equipment and system requirements been defined yet? What functions does the building technology have to fulfil? To achieve a common understanding, we begin each project by holding workshops together so that we can carefully determine what is required and what your aims are. This involves a detailed analysis of existing and envisaged production and work processes, internal and external framework conditions, and specific utilisation requirements for the building and its technology – including how those requirements are prioritised. On that basis, our expert teams develop intelligently managed, overall concepts that balance architectural and building services requirements and that keep energy consumption, carbon emissions and ongoing operating costs as low as possible for as long as possible, but without sacrificing the comfort that the building requires. Flexible systems and energy concepts ensure that building services can easily be adapted to changing usage conditions and alterations. Integrated planning and the consistent use of BIM methods and BIM tools (building information modelling) safeguards the whole project and the quality of its planning and implementation.

We never limit anything – except the budget
Appointing us is a significant act of trust. That’s something we appreciate. We live up to that trust by thinking economically and handling your budget with the utmost responsibility in every phase of the project. That’s a promise.

Our clients, whether they’re building owners or contracting parties, have to rely on us completely when it comes to quality, costs and deadlines. Professional project management, an experienced project director and a well-coordinated team of specialist planners help to steer the project safely towards its agreed objective. That’s guaranteed.

To us, personal dialogue is more than just communication.
We engender trust, security and reliability in each project through open, targeted communication, complete transparency throughout the entire project at every stage of planning, and a constructive, solution-oriented way of working together. To us, planning means seeking out discussions. Listening. Finding solutions.

Sustainability doesn’t just mean ecology
Our solutions pay off throughout a building’s entire lifecycle, as we have demonstrated in numerous large-scale projects since we began in 1996.  But our goal isn’t just to design safe, efficient building technology. One of our most important principles is “It isn’t enough for technology simply to work – it has to fit in the world around,” and that requires the considered use of technology in a way which protects the environment and natural resources. When it comes to sustainability, building services are crucial. Our energy-efficient concepts satisfy the usage needs of today’s generation without placing limits on tomorrow’s. When we talk about sustainability, what we say is based on projects we’ve already done, and it’s based on facts. Sustainability is our unconditional focus.

That is how we work and that is what motivates us
Architecture you can experience, energy-efficient production processes, inspirational workplaces, a comfortable place to be, creating feel-good spaces – and all that with minimal energy consumption and carbon emissions. These are the responsibilities and aims that motivate us in our daily work. We’ve made a habit of coming up with unusual ideas. The way we understand and go about things makes us natural achievers. We’re structured and creative, absolutely solution-driven and totally committed to every project. What we aspire to in every project is to achieve the maximum with a minimum of technology in a way which meets your requirements and budget.

Let’s turn your vision and project into reality together.
Anything is possible – set us a challenge!

The elements are our passion


These are the principles we identify with. They shape the way we think and act. 


We wouldn’t be here without you!
We never say that what you want is impossible.

We never limit anything – except the budget.

We’ve been steadily growing and looking to the future for 25 years.

Challenge and encourage
What’s important to us is professional and private development – and solidarity.

To us, personal dialogue is more than just communication.

Constructive debate
Conflict produces the best solutions, provided it’s managed openly, honestly and with mutual respect.

The only limit to our ideas is feasibility.

It isn’t enough for technology to simply work – it has to fit in the world around.

Anything is possible –
set us a challenge!

Error culture
Mistakes are human –
as is checking.

People and the environment are what guide our actions.

Healthy growth secures stable development.

Today’s vision is tomorrow’s reality.

We’re there for you everywhere


Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Hohenstraße 17
78183 Hüfingen

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Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Hohenstraße 17
78183 Hüfingen

Phone. +49 771 158979 - 0
Email info(at)

Our location


Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Hohenzollerndamm 183
10713 Berlin

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Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Große Elbstraße 61/63
22767 Hamburg

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Our location


Ingenieurbüro Liebert
Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Untermainanlage 7
60329 Frankfurt a. M.


Our location

25 years

Our anniversary

Our staff speak

„Nach über 20 Jahren bei einer Firma, habe ich mit gemischten Gefühlen einen Neuanfang beim Ingenieurbüro Liebert gestartet. Heute weiß ich, es war kein Fehler!"

Babette Christoph,
CAD, Berlin


“We plan tomorrow’s buildings today, which means we’re building the future. Because of climate change and what sustainable building technology can do to help, we willingly embrace this challenge in our daily projects. It makes me proud to be part of that and take responsibility, because we don’t want the things we do now to harm our children in the future.”

Barbara Schneckenburger,
Project Manager, Hüfingen


“I get a lot out of tackling complex tasks. The work is never boring and you learn so much. When I finished my BA, I wanted to work for a company where you could achieve something personally. After my interview with Mr Liebert, I realised this was the place. ”

Andreas Willauer,
Specialist Planner, Berlin


“I love my job and I want to be able to develop fully in it. It offers me the projects I need to do that. And a boss who knows what he wants and who’s capable of making decisions.”

Karina Glökler,
Technical System Planner, Hüfingen


“What I love is the mixture of responsibility, openness, transparency, a strong feeling of solidarity, and managers who appreciate you.”

Susanne Winterhalter,<br/> Overall IT Coordination and Tenders, Hüfingen


“We work on some really big projects. You could never do them without a team that works and is a team in the true sense of the word.”

Matthias Löschigk,
Project Manager, Berlin


“What impressed me was that Liebert committed itself to using renewable energies and using energy sensibly right back in 2010.

A lot of staff are friends outside work, which helps create a very positive working environment, and that’s important for motivation.

When I drive around Berlin with my son, we often pass buildings that Ingenieurbüro Liebert helped to plan. Seeing my own ideas and concepts find their way into a building really motivates me.”

Stefan Ballmer,
Managing Director / Project Manager


“I work on projects in multiple federal states that involve different requirements and laws specific to the states. It makes my work interesting and varied.”

Lars Gottschalk,
Project Manager, Hamburg


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Mr Bauer,
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“Ingenieurbüro Liebert has been around for 25 years. Great managers, great colleagues, a great working atmosphere – it never gets dull.
That’s Liebert.”

Thomas Schröter,
Commercial Project Management, Hüfingen

“This is where I belong.
Working productively together in a team on exciting projects is invigorating and fun.
What I love is that regular training and constant new challenges keep you in the flow and keep you developing

Romy Kilian-Martynus,
Technical System Planner, Berlin

“I love finding solutions using communication and creativity, and then choosing the best of numerous possibilities. I truly believe you can only improve the future by actively helping to shape it. And I can do that here.”

Jens Bartsch,
Specialist Planner for Building Automation, Berlin

“What I like is that every day brings something new and varied. The environment is also friendly and people have a sense of humour.”

Birgit Meisinger,
Project Assistant, Hüfingen

“Everything’s just right here: the team is great, so is the place we work, and I love the sense of trust, the flexibility, the varied tasks and the way we’re appreciated.
I really enjoy coming to work every day.”

Anna Gross,
HR, Hüfingen

“Liebert is an expertly run business which offers attractive, challenging projects that allow you to develop.
It’s always fun finding new ways to meet all the planning requirements.”

Mark Kolinski,
Specialist Planner, Berlin

“Every ship needs a captain, no matter how rough or smooth the seas. It’s been an honour to be a member of the crew of this ship for over ten years.”

Qui Hung Nguyen,
Specialist Planner, Berlin

“Today’s world demands new engineering concepts. Our company gives you space for your creativity and to develop new ideas, alongside everyday work. ”

Christian Özgur-Popanda,
Specialist Planner, Hüfingen 

Presenting our
managing directors and project managers

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Company founded in Berlin


Office opens in Hüfingen with five staff


Ten-year anniversary


Indian branch established (15 staff) for the Asian market as a joint venture with Hubert Burda Media


Ingenieurbüro Liebert celebrates its 15th anniversary


Ingenieurbüro Liebert wins Motivation Award


“FOLLOW THE ELEMENTS” – 20-year anniversary


Berlin branch moves to Hohenzollerndamm 183


Patrick Merkt is appointed managing director alongside Thomas Liebert


Stefan Ballmer is appointed branch manager in Berlin and joins the management team


Branch opened in Hamburg


Ingenieurbüro Liebert celebrates its 25th anniversary


Stefan Ballmer (right) is appointed Managing Director alongside Thomas Liebert and Patrick Merkt

Widely networked


Membership in the leading professional associations and other industry bodies means Ingenieurbüro Liebert is ideally networked and can reinforce its reputation as a high-performance engineering firm, while constantly building on its professional expertise. This in turn facilitates constant knowledge transfer in both directions.