Each project begins with close consultation and precise analysis, tailored entirely to your project requirements. We oversee your project from the initial analysis all the way to handing over the keys.


Sustainable, energy-efficient building equipment

Liebert can supply innovative complete solutions from a single source for every area of building technology. When we plan, we combine years of experience with a high level of technical expertise. Each project begins with close consultation and a detailed analysis of your project requirements. We oversee your project, from the initial idea and analysis, to technical conception, planning, tendering and construction supervision, to the handing over of a functioning, energy-efficient and economical system – and we do it all with total commitment and a constant focus on your needs and budget.

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Project management

Neutral overall control and monitoring of your project

Every project manager knows that trust is good, but supervision is better. But as a client or building owner, you can’t always be on site yourself. This is where we bring our many years of experience and expertise to bear and, as a neutral body, take over full project management for the work involving technical building services.

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Do you need an expert opinion about the state of your building services equipment? Or perhaps you have some initial ideas about investing in a new building or modernising a production facility? We’ll gladly advise you and develop a dependable decision-making basis derived from detailed economic calculations. That will allow you to consolidate your initial idea at an early stage, plan a budget, estimate your deadlines and transition into the planning phase with confidence.

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Construction management

On-site quality assurance

Construction managers play a key role at Liebert. They monitor the progress of your project, ensure that things are done at the right quality level, perform approval inspections, and supervise the project on site when it is being executed. They also ensure that the various departments and technical crews work closely together.

Because of the responsibility of their position and the breadth of their work, our construction managers have to be especially experienced.

A construction manager stays on site all day if required and oversees construction from shell to completion.

Green building and sustainable construction

Planning and building sustainably means planning and building our future

Climate-friendly, sustainable construction is more important than ever before. Designing tomorrow’s working and living spaces is a major challenge. Green building, carbon-neutral buildings, building certification, achieving Europe’s carbon targets by 2030 – all these are burning issues in the construction industry.

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Liebert lives and breathes BIM

The world of planning has been revolutionised by digitalisation in recent years. Planning is no longer based on static 2D graphics. It’s based on interactive, intelligent 3D models in which a building is fully visualised, including all of its services technology. The term BIM (building information modelling) is on everyone’s lips in the planning world and describes a broad spectrum of methods and procedures used in various areas and at various depths. BIM is designed to facilitate the integral – and therefore optimal – planning of a building.

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Building automation

Building automation is like a building’s central nervous system. It connects, controls and monitors all of its systems, components and technical areas. Our aim is to provide you with an overall concept tailored to your needs and to ensure that operation is safe and energy-efficient. 

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Technical areas

Planning, control, coordination.

Creating a functional unit out of multiple parts means understanding the different processes and utilising the associated technologies efficiently. We bring together the knowledge and experience of the various trades and technical areas in building services and ensure that you receive an efficient, functional, coordinated and sustainable overall solution that encompasses all of those technical areas, rather than standalone solutions.

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