Supply systems are the heart of a building. It can’t be used without heat, cooling, light, electricity and water. Productivity, and ultimately the money you bring in, are heavily influenced by the way your building is supplied.

Our unbiased status analyses provide you with answers to key questions:

  • What condition is your building’s supply equipment in?
  • Does it still guarantee that your building and production are safely supplied?
  • How economical are your technical supply systems?
  • How can energy costs, and with them ongoing operating costs, be permanently reduced?
  • What about reinvestment costs?
  • Do you know how sustainable your investments are? Are you looking for climate-neutral building services technology as an essential basis for a green building?
  • Is your building’s comfort level still compliant with the latest standards of workplace design and occupational safety?

We’ll also draw up a business plan detailing which renovation activities are due and when, so that you have an idea of the time involved in the remaining planning and execution.

A status analysis is always a good move, because it provides clarity about the condition your technical supply systems are in. It’s an essential part of effectively planning, optimising and renovating, and of safeguarding your production and work processes.



Economic efficiency plays a major part in your investment decisions. We can draw up comprehensive decision-making documents for you based on unbiased, clearly laid out VDI 2067 economic efficiency calculations. This makes it easier for you to decide on the right supply concept for your building.

VDI 2067 economic efficiency calculations for supply concepts contain the following:

  • Detailed investment cost calculation
  • Capital cost calculation using the annuity method
  • Calculation of annual energy consumption
  • Computerised plant simulations (CHP)
  • Graphical evaluation of energy flows
  • Calculation of annual consumption costs
  • Calculation of annual operating costs
  • Graphical evaluation of each cost group and the various supply concepts
  • Comparison of emissions using different supply concepts; graphical presentation
  • Negotiating with energy suppliers
  • Presentation of latest funding opportunities at federal, state and municipal level



With energy costs constantly on the rise, you can achieve significant savings and reduce ongoing operating costs simply by taking some small steps. We’ll show you how you can reduce ongoing energy costs for your property in an ecologically sustainable and economically sensible way. An energy consultation is based on a detailed analysis of your building’s technical systems and an associated economic efficiency survey.

This property analysis allows us to draw up best-case energy supply, renovation and optimisation proposals detailing how you can save on energy outlay. This in turn will allow you to take similar steps towards making your installations more sustainable and climate-neutral.



Get an unbiased opinion and make a safe decision

Nobody wants to make bad decisions. Indeed, nobody can afford to. Especially when it comes to big investments, which is what complex supply systems usually involve. An unbiased expert opinion by independent engineers provides you with a basis for safe decisions.

We can help you by:

  • Objectively and independently assessing the quality of your technical supply systems
  • Carrying out functional tests and measuring the performance of your technical supply systems
  • Objectively and independently assessing defects in technical supply systems
  • Contractually checking the services that are required and due in the event of disagreements between contractors and clients
  • Dealing with problems specific to particular technical areas. You will always have a specialist engineer on hand to talk to.



Do you know the condition of your technical supply systems?

Do you need a technical assessment of your property? Or are you planning to renovate or extend? In a technical due diligence, we inspect your technical supply systems and the associated technical infrastructure for you and supply you with a customised, unbiased, well-founded planning tool for making future decisions. You will benefit from our years of experience and expertise and we will always proceed with the necessary care.

Our services:

  • Check and evaluate existing planning documents and records (approval documents, maintenance and inspection records, documentation of maintenance activities etc.)
  • On-site inspection and status analysis
  • Inspect condition of technical installations
  • Document equipment (including photographically), especially any damage and defects
  • Detailed description of the condition of technical supply systems
  • List and assess damage and defects
  • Check operating costs
  • VDI economic efficiency analysis
  • Make recommendations on action as a decision-making aid

Afterwards, we will gladly plan the solution you chose and oversee your project until completion.

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