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25 years of success in Berlin – 
from the Black Forest to the capital

Close to our customers, close to our projects, that's how we prefer to work. Our locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Hüfingen have already well-covered the map of Germany, but there was still a niche in the west and centre. We have now closed this gap with our new office in Frankfurt a. M..
Our radius of office locations has been expanded in order to be on site with you and your projects more quickly.

Our locations, though, should not just be an office, but rather a modern and motivating working environment for our employees.

Places that enable focused work, promote communicative cooperation and offer the opportunity for time out.

When we moved into our offices at Hohenzollerndamm 183 in 2019, our Berlin team found the ideal place to work and feel at home. These modern, open-plan offices are designed very much in the style of the modern working world, with a combination of open spaces and team offices, a lounge and high-quality interior design.
There are currently 39 people on our Berlin team. Like in Hüfingen, we offer the opportunity to train as a technical system planner in Berlin, and we offer exciting internships prior to and in parallel with your studies – and always “live on the project”.
We also offer our staff the option of rotating jobs. Work in Berlin for six months or more, then move to another Liebert location – no problem.


In Berlin.
The capital continues to boom. Berlin remains an extremely prestigious and dynamic business location with lots of international appeal. This is clear from the number of German and international businesses that set up their headquarters there.
Ingenieurbüro Liebert has been closely connected to Berlin for years. In fact, our firm has its roots there. Back in the 1990s, our founder Thomas Liebert, who comes from Hüfingen, did his first large-scale projects in Berlin. These began with the extension of Berliner Zeitung’s printing plant, then the renovation of Leipziger Volkszeitung’s offices in Leipzig, and finally a project for Maerkische Allgemeine Zeitung in Potsdam.


Unser Berliner Team besteht aktuell aus 47 Mitarbeitenden. Auch in Berlin bieten wir die Möglichkeit zur Ausbildung zum Technischen Systemplaner als auch ein duales Studium. 
Weiterhin ermöglichen wir Studierenden spannende Praktika vor und parallel zum Studium - und das immer "Live am Projekt."
Unseren Mitarbeitern bieten wir übrigens auch die Möglichkeit von "Job-Rotation" im sprichwörtlichen Sinne. Ein halbes Jahr Arbeiten in Berlin oder länger, danach Wechsel an einen anderen Liebert Standort - kein Problem für uns.

Living and working in Berlin

Ingenieurbüro Liebert
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Hohenzollerndamm 183
10713 Berlin

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