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From working student to technical planner - We congratulate Slavik Luft on successfully completing his studies

We congratulate Slavik Luft on successfully completing his studies

Slavik has been part of the #PeopleOfLieberty since December 2022. In his 7th semester as a Bachelor of Engineering in Automation Technology, he started his working student job at our Berlin branch. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and its effects, the supply of student jobs on the market was limited. "To my surprise, despite the difficult situation, I discovered a job advertisement for working students that piqued my interest. [...] The topics that LIEBERT listed in this job posting looked very interesting and appealed to me in particular because of their relevance and topicality."

In recent months, Slavik has actively supported our MSR specialist planning (measurement and control technology) ,with planning tasks. "I was able to put my theoretical study content into practice very well. Although my studies focused more on practical application than on theoretical planning, the knowledge has helped me a lot in my daily work. [...] I appreciate the open interaction among colleagues, which allows me to ask my questions in a targeted manner and receive meaningful answers."

In addition to the professional daily routine, our popular company and team events, which we organise at regular intervals, also awaited him. "[...] the annual events such as the ski and hike weekends, or the popular kart race, not only offer a welcome change, but also promote team spirit and bonding among colleagues."

With the successful completion of his B. Eng. degree, Slavik's studies came to an end last month and at the same time he began his professional career at LIEBERT.We are proud that he now complements our team of experts in Berlin as a specialist planner in building automation and we will shape the future sustainably, together.


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