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Talent management

LIEBERT stands for personal development

We want to change the future in a sustainable way! Then we have to think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow today, also in our personnel development. "Encourage and challenge", we have firmly anchored this in our mission statement. For us, this means that we let our managers grow from our own ranks, from the LIEBERT family. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the personal and professional development of all employees, at all career levels.

Talent promotion is particularly important in view of the ongoing shortage of skilled workers. Through targeted and personal further training and development, we create individual perspectives for our employees and motivate
motivate them to achieve their personal career goals. Out of this motivation, we have initiated the programme, "FIT FOR FUTURE" for young talents. This is the first milestone to specifically prepare our young experts for future challenges, on their way to becoming project managers. "FIT FOR FUTURE" stands for a multi-stage, professional coaching series, which is supported by external coaches and internally by project manager Barbara Schneckenburger.
internally. The individual development events are held outside the daily office routine, as so-called offside meetings. In this way, all participants receive new impulses in a neutral and relaxed environment,
which they can then incorporate into their everyday lives.


Our young talents are taught the basic requirements of leadership and their personal skills are strengthened in a targeted manner. Central topics here are communication and motivation.
Both elements play an important role in leading project teams and coordinating projects. In the intensive training with the coach, leadership tools for professional discussion with the client, the external planning teams and with colleagues are practised interactively. Contents such as: Giving tasks in a clear and motivating way, moderating appointments professionally and leading positive criticism discussions, are trained in detail. "The future project leaders and managers are aware that if we want to lead others, we must first lead ourselves." Coach Mr Roland Fahrni perceived this positive attitude towards our young talents. "I was impressed with the open approach and motivation with which we were able to cultivate personal, also social topics such as mental strength, team development, communication, etc.". Even during the intensive training of "leadership tools" such as giving orders, moderating meetings, conducting critical discussions, etc., the will was always noticeable in all participants. [...] thanks to these personalities, the LIEBERT success of tomorrow is a logical consequence."

First steps on the job

Three of our junior staff have already mastered the step to junior project manager. Marcel Vincenz, David Hertlein and Mark Kolinski support the project managers Stefan Ballmer and Matthias Löschigk in our Berlin branch. With the new career level, they will now take on more project responsibility and face new challenges, both professionally and personally, and grow from them. Also at this career stage, LIEBERT will be a reliable partner to take the next step with them, the step to project manager.

Voices of our young talents

  • "Participating in the workshop not only provided a range of tools for handling interviews, but also insights into character traits, for personal development on the way to becoming a junior project manager. Now that I get to carry out the position, it's time to start putting it into practice."
    Mark Kolinski, M. Eng. Building and Energy Management
  • "The FIT FOR FUTURE programme is a great experience on the way to becoming a junior project manager. The coaching sessions are not only enriching for work life but also for private life. It is an appreciation to be able to participate in this programme. The programme will help me in my future on many levels."
    Florian Isele, B. Eng. Supply and Energy Management
  • "What I particularly liked about the FIIT FOR FUTURE was that we were able to rehearse our newly acquired skills and communication competences in role plays, not only in theory but also in practice, true to the LIEBERT guiding principle "Promote and Challenge". This made it clear to all of us how important communication is for effective leadership and successful project completion."
    David Hertlein, M. Sc. Building Energy Systems
  • "Our own confidence in dealing with the job and with colleagues was greatly improved by the programme. Means of conducting conversations and analysing tasks were taught, so that one has become more confident overall. Furthermore, the task environment for the junior project manager job was defined in more detail, which ensured that the 'guard rails' were more tangible and one did not get 'lost'."
    Marcel Vincenz, state-certified technician for refrigeration technology
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