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In many branches of industry it is necessary to supply production and other processes with particular media.

In the field of machine supply and disposal systems technology, IB Liebert has comprehensive knowledge gained from many and varied projects.

  • Compressed air supply
  • Supply of vacuum and blowing air
  • Gas distribution systems
  • Ink supply systems for the printing industry
  • Thermal post-treatment for contaminated extracted air
  • Ethanol supply
  • Toluene supply
  • Chemical supply systems for electroplating

For example compressed air systems are important and energy-intensive elements in productive industries. Like electric power networks, they drive turbines  and various machines and components where it is not practical to use electric motors. Ingenieurbüro Liebert has many years experience with compressed air as an energy source including checking and optimising compressed-air systems.

Supplying vacuum and blowing air is frequently a concern in the printing industry. By centralising the supply of blowing air and vacuum, there is usually potential for substantial energy savings, which has a positive effect on operating costs and competitiveness. After determining all relevant parameters on site, we will gladly make a proposal for a modern blowing-air supply system.

Thermal post-treatment installations are used for cleaning extracted air with high concentrations of hazardous substances. These are especially common in printing, laminating and impregnation.