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The heating system is a central element for the level of comfort in a building. It makes a decisive contribution to whether the employees at their workplaces, or the occupants of a house consider their rooms agreeable. 

However the demands made of heating systems have changed drastically in recent years with increasing attention paid to energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, statutory regulations such as ENEV and EEWärmeG, lowering heating costs while the demands for user comfort have increased at the same time; all this has led to the development of numerous innovative technologies. 

In heating systems, Ingenieurbüro Liebert operates at the highest technical levels in the market, and offers competence in the following heating technologies:

  • Gas/oil boiler installations
  • Wood-chip-pellet boiler installations
  • Biogas installations
  • Combined-heat-and-power block installations
  • Heat-pump installations
  • Solar installations
  • Use of geothermal energy for industrial purposes and major projects
  • Local and district heating concepts
  • Steam supply systems
  • Local heating concepts using wells and decentralised heat pumps
  • Heat recovery systems