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Building automation is the central nervous system of a building. It links, regulates and optimises all installations, components and systems. 

Our supply concept for buildings includes planning and implementing comfortable, simple-to-operate control and regulation processes that are readily adaptable. 

  • Control, regulation and monitoring of all technical building installations.
  • Complex automation systems 
  • DDC measurement, control and regulation technology 
  • Building-automation BUS systems
  • BMS building management systems
  • Remote maintenance systems

IB Liebert guarantees that all systems and thus also the measurement, control and regulation systems are manufacturer-neutral by adopting the following measures:

  • Our own internal instrumentation and control department ensures complete manufacturer neutrality
  • The instrumentation and control department consists of three specialists with many years’ experience in different sectors
  • Using the TRIC planning software enables, in addition, manufacturer-neutral planning
  • Planning manufacturer-neutral building management systems and their networking over the Internet
  • Planning various BUS systems, e.g. EIB/KNX, LON, Modbus or BACnet