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All our project and site managers are equipped with smartphones and remote access to our intranet so that they can be reached at all times  and make quick decisions even when they are on the road.

Where necessary we run the entire project on a separate project server (e.g. Awaro).  


Technical equipment
  • Hilti PD10 Laser Distance Meter
  • Grundfoss R100 (pump remote control)
  • testo 922 thermometer
  • testo 0554.0009 calibrator
  • testo 816 sound-level measuring instrument
  • testo 445 climate measuring instrument
  • RIGID GYRO laser level
  • USB humidity/temperature data-logger DL-120 TH
  • testo 417 rotating vane anemometer with accessories
  • Rau LM06 Touch gas-pipework measuring instrument
  • BOSCH DLE 50 laser distance meter
  • CAD operations with Autodesk Building Design Suite Standard 2012 AUTO-CAD: Architecture, MEP, Structural Detailing, Autodesk Showcase and Sketch Book Designer
  • CAD on Bentley Microstation V8
  • Nova Plancal V7.1: Professional CAD building systems/ventilation systems, air-duct calculations/acoustics
  • 3D planning
  • Pit-Cup 2011 application: Pit Menu/Building/Regulation, Pit Heating/Cooling/Sanitation/Laboratory construction, Pit Ventilation/Climate V2011
  • Tsol simulation program for CHP plant and solar installations
  • mh-Software: U-value calculations, RoomGEO, heating radiators, piping networks/cooling load simulations to VDI 2078, heating load calculations to EN 12831
  • linear-Gebäudetechnik V9.22: heating radiators, area heating, heating load calculations EN 12831
  • Fire protection planning of pipe runs to LAR with TGAplus
  • Certified planning to DIN 14675 for fire alarm systems
  • I&C/BMS planning software (regulation schematics) to VDI 3814 with Mervisoft TRIC DB V4 Professional incl. Briscad V10 PRO 
  • Preparation of specifications, price comparison lists and invoicing with AVA
  • Cost-effectiveness calculations to VDI 2067
  • Illumination calculations with graphic presentation
  • Optimised pipe network calculations for heating, sanitation, cooling, waste water to DIN EN 12056 with Dendrit Classic 06/2011 and linear-Destop 9 V9.31
  • MS Office,  MS Project (scheduling and completion monitoring)