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The technical supply systems are the heart of any building. Without heat, cooling, light, electric power and water a building is unusable Productivity and, in the last resort, your turnover are decisively influenced by optimum supply services.

By carrying out a neutral situation analysis, we answer some decisive questions for you: 

  • In what state are the supply systems in your building? 
  • Does they still guarantee the vital security of supply for your building and for your production? 
  • How economically do your supply systems operate? 
  • How can energy costs, and thus operating costs, be reduced?
  • What is the situation with regard to replacement investment costs? 

In addition Ingenieurbüro Liebert draws up a budget plan when refurbishment measures are needed (business plans).

The result of a situation analysis is always positive, because it imposes clarity about the current state of your technical supply systems. Only in this way can you make targeted plans, optimise, refurbish, and secure your production processes.

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