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Cost-effectiveness is an important decision criterion for any investment. It is standard for us to present the client with comprehensive, transparent decision guidelines for every investment. 

From many public works, we are all familiar with how quickly costs can spiral out of control. With the consistent application of the right tools, this effect is easy to avoid. On the basis of neutral and transparently presented cost-effectiveness calculations to VDI 2067, we prepare a decision specification with alternative concepts – see diagram. This makes it easier for you to decide on the right supply concept for your building.

For a supply concept, cost-effectiveness calculations to VDI 2067 include:

  • Detailed investment cost calculations
  • Determination of the cost of capital using the annuity method
  • Calculation of the annual energy requirement
  • Computer-generated plant simulations (for CHP blocks)
  • Graphical evaluation of energy flows
  • Estimate of the annual consumption costs
  • Estimate of the annual operating costs
  • Graphical evaluation of the individual cost groups and the various supply concepts
  • Comparison of the emissions from the different supply concepts and graphical presentation
  • Conducting preliminary negotiations with energy suppliers
  • Recording the subsidies etc. currently available from local and national public sources