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Administration buildings . High-rises


Scope of supply

a) Site analysis printing shop, jobbing rotary machine, newsprint offset rotary machine
Site analysis: new building - conversion/refurbishment Situation: development of a technical master plan for the variants new building for the newsprint plant, or the extension/conversion of the existing building covering the trades/systems sanitation, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, ventilation, I&C/BMS,  machine supply and disposal (solvents, inks), and compressed air. 

Planning and site management of the interaction of two new jobbing rotary machines and a new newsprint offset rotary printing machine on all building technical systems.

b) Situation analysis new building/conversion and refurbishment of the publishing building
The four-storey administration building was completely refurbished while remaining in operation. During this refurbishment, all central air-conditioning equipment was restructured and completely re-installed. Similarly the entire electrical, heating, sanitation and cooling installations were completely renewed while continuing with newspaper production and all editorial functions.

In order to maintain building and editorial functions, some installations were built up in parallel with the existing ones and then connected outside working hours.

One after the other the office floors were completely stripped out and refitted with high-quality  air-conditioning with chilled ceilings, and completely new electrical and sanitation installations, while the floors above and below were maintained fully operational.

Planning and site management for the entire building technical equipment for the sanitation, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, chilled ceilings, I&C/BMS, and electrical and computer systems for the publishing building with ca. 8,000 m² of offices in individual refurbishment stages, while remaining in full operation.

Illustration: @ Donaukurier, Ingolstadt 


Donaukurier Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

Realisation period
2002 - 2006

8,000 m² gross floor area

Service phases
HOAI § 73, Phases 1 – 9