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IT’S TERRIFIC – Würth Ingenieurwerkstatt 2024

At this year's "Ingenieurwerkstatt" (engineering workshop) organised by the Würth Group, our Managing Director, Stefan Ballmer, gave a presentation on autonomously operated buildings.

"Self-autonomous building technology - vision or reality?" was the question he asked himself, first guiding the audience through various concepts and methods for generating electricity, heating and cooling energy autonomously.

He also focussed on drinking water self-production, as this would already be technically feasible in many ways, but regulations, standards and laws make it almost impossible to implement in practice. He presented milestones in self-sufficient building technology using reference projects that Ingenieurbüro Liebert is already planning and implementing.

Many thanks Würth Group for this successful and valuable event for the construction industry!

For all those who were unfortunately unable to attend this event, we recommend taking a look at our LIEBERT Magazine 03, which will be published in July. We will also be addressing the topic of self-sufficiency and water in greater depth in this issue.