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Timber construction – a sustainable way forward

We are looking forward to planning yet another exciting green project – a media building constructed using timber

The development in recent years of a more sustainable building paradigm has caused our clients to look more closely at timber construction. Building with wood is interesting for many reasons: it is a renewable resource, it is recyclable and, because it eliminates concrete, it has the potential to reduce a lot of bound-in carbon dioxide.

Changes in the world of construction have thrown up a number of new themes. These include the way in which technical building services are planned. For instance, in the field of fire protection, lots of comprehensively tested concepts and products exist for many types of building, but not high-rises. When it comes to high-rise projects and other special buildings, there are still very few solutions that have gained general approval. 

That’s why many solutions have to be customised for each project and approval has to be sought every time. Timber building projects demand a high level of innovation, especially when it comes to technical building services. And this is where we have demonstrated our expertise in numerous projects over recent years. 

We will continue to help to develop standardised solutions and break new ground for high-rise buildings and special structures made of timber. We’re currently busy with a number of specialised projects, including a new digital media centre for rbb and the new Accenture site in Walldorf. And we look forward to whatever challenges you have in store for us...

Author: Stefan Ballmer, Berlin branch manager 

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