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Adiabatic - A natural principle for sustainable air conditioning

Climate change, the careful use of natural resources and an increased demand for climate comfort in living and working spaces call for new solutions in air-conditioning technology.

Almost 100% of conventional air-conditioning is provided by electric cooling machines. These require a lot of electrical energy, lead to high CO2 emissions and are cost-intensive to purchase and operate. The situation is different with the use of adiabatic cooling systems. 

The use of adiabatic cooling is based on a simple principle: the process of evaporation of water produces what is known as "evaporative cooling". The highly efficient heat exchange systems in air-conditioning systems, which are based on this principle and have been further developed, ensure a pleasant supply air temperature of approx. 20° C almost all year round - without the use of electrical refrigeration machines with environmentally harmful coolants.

Liebert has long been using this innovative advancement in the design and planning of resource-efficient and sustainable air conditioning technology in our projects. This system was successfully used in the Tower ONE project.

Visualisation: ®CA Immo