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The central principle at Ingenieurbüro Liebert is that every new project is understood to be a new challenge. We just don’t do standardised project processing. It is the newly defined objectives and tasks that we enjoy.

We want to give form to projects that are created in unlimited freedom. That is why we have made it a rule to start every Project with a brainstorming session for all participants. We call this decisive phase “Programming”. Here there are no “wrong questions”, everything relevant should be scrutinised. In this way all aspects of a project are laid on the table and open to inspection. And every time, from this initial spark, something new and really individual develops, which, in consequence, results in a unique project. To summarise in a single sentence: “Here it is normal to generate abnormally good ideas”.


“That is how we have always done it”; at Ingenieurbüro Liebert such sentiments do not exist. Our solutions live on creativity.  So we foster it intensively from all employees.

For thoughts and ideas to flow freely and spread in all directions, you need mutual trust and openness, respect and appreciation. On this fertile soil we develop visions and give our employees the free space to implement them. To experience how a client’s dreams are made reality by our planning is to see the seed grow and to harvest the fruits of our work. 


We maintain an open corporate culture. That applies to the freedom for individual decisions and designs - but also to responsibility. We believe that, we trust that, and it works very well.

Personal responsibility also includes the right to make mistakes. We foster the courage to make decisions, even when the resulting decision turns out wrong. Because wrong decisions are better than no decisions. At Ingenieurbüro Liebert there are few rules and regulations, but many opportunities for personal development. Starting with the brainstorming before the initial planning phase of a project, any employee can contribute ideas. 

Our employees decide themselves, as far as possible, on their working hours. We have neither time clocks nor time checks, despite having over 70 employees.


At Ingenieurbüro Liebert, team spirit is a vital priority. Solidarity and collegial cooperation are critical ingredients. Our employees are united by mutual respect and appreciation based on collective successes. These collective successes achieved by teamwork bind us together. Team spirit creates security, confidence and motivation for new challenges. 

We feel as though we are one big family. Even on normal working days, the day often continues beyond “knocking off” time. Sometimes colleagues will meet up on the terrace after work to reflect on the day’s events. Our official activities also go beyond the usual measure, for example, we have a company karting team, which regularly competes in races. Or our summer parties and (ski) cabin weekends in the Alps, which have a legendary reputation; they give us the opportunity to enjoy nature and the freedom of the open air.


Our leadership principles find recognition. In 2014 Ingenieurbüro Liebert won the Motivation Prize “Meilensteine” in bronze awarded by the Robin-Akademie. The Robin-Akademie awards this prize to entrepreneurs who have competently mastered very difficult situations with extreme challenges in an exemplary manner. The award recognises entrepreneurial performance, but also the value-oriented treatment of employees and customers.

The jury justified its decision as follows: “With innovative planning, flexibility, speed and perfectionism, Thomas Liebert has developed his company into one of the most widely appreciated engineering consultancies for regenerative systems in Germany.”

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